Frequently Asked Questions at Krause Laminates

Question: Can existing laminate counters be overlayed?
Answer: Yes, most flat front edge style laminate counters can be overlayed if existing are down solid, saving you a lot of money.

Question: Are there advantages in using one piece laminate surrounds as oppossed to fiberglass one piece units?

Answer: Yes!
1) Endless colors and patterns can be used to match bath counters.
2) Cost. Most surrounds can be installed for as low as $299.
3) Durability: Laminate does not fade or tarnish as fiberglass does.
4) Time: Typical installation takes 1 1/2 hours and can be used the same evening.

Question: Why chose our products instead of natural stone?
Answer: it is a porous material leading to staining, water marks, soap stains, surface haze, bacteria and mold colonies resulting in odor and health risks. Sealers are necessary to keep the top looking decent, with some very harsh and dangerous chemicals or solvents as well as stripping solvents used in maintenance. Recently, some companies are offering lifetime warranties against staining, yet upon reading the fine print one can see that at best the warranty is worthless.

Question: Why use laminate opposed to natural stone?
1) Cost – 85% average savings using laminate.
2) Upkeep – no need to polish or seal.
3) Many more colors and patterns to choose from.
4) Warranty – 10 years.
5) Time – 1 day installation.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to contact us or send us an email.