What is a solid surface?

Solid surface is usually composed of marble dust, bauxite, acrylics. It is most frequently used for seamless countertop installations.

Solid surface is non-porous and resistant to stains and chemicals, and heat resistant making it a perfect fit for industries concerned with bacteria on medical facility surfaces and for food-preparation areas in restaurants and homes.

Cooks have long been trying to find the perfect countertop material. At one time, wood or butcher block were favored materials, but one problem with wood is that it is porous. Ceramic tile has those much-hated grout lines which make it impossible to roll out large sections of pie dough. Even the popular granite and marble options are not perfect: they are expensive, prone to cracking, and can even be damaged by hot pans.

Solid surfaces versatility allows it to be joined, shaped, and finished into a wide variety of products. It comes in more than 200 colors and patterns. We carry formica, corian, meganite and medrona products.

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Why choose Solid Surface over granite or quartz?

To find out more of why not to use natural stones follow this link Solidsurfacealliance.org